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If you are looking to play a quality online tower defense games, look no further, as Gemcraft Labyrinth is back with a refreshing new vibe to keep you hooked for hours on end. Tha game play is the same as you remember from the pervious versions of the game, so this should be familiar to you if you have played it before. Monsters of all shapes and sizes are trying to get to our orb that is strategically situated on the map in such a way that that monsters have to navigate the course if they want to get to it. And they really do want that, as this is the whole purpose of the game. It is your responsibility to place specific types of gems in the path of these evil creatures in order to prevent them from actually causing any damage. The main resource in this game is mana, which is basically your money and your energy at the same time.

You will notice that it can become very expensive to invest in amplifiers and shrines that help you defeat the monsters, but it definitely pays off in the end. Mana not only goes slowly up during the game, but it is also influenced by the number of kills you make. The more enemies destroyed, the more mana for you to reinvest in your whole defence. You need to make sure that the monsters don’t reach your orb at any costs, since this is the most harmful thing that can happen in the game. Once you are vulnerable like that, you can say goodbye to the game, because it will be over. That means that you have to analyse all your armoury and weapons and you have to decide, sometimes on the spot, what kind to choose in which situation. The more mana you have, the least worries you have.

Try to create a bit of a deposit in order to make sure that you can always buy anything you need right on the spot, if the situation calls for it. This is probably the guaranteed way to finish the game and rank among the top players. And this will also bring you the satisfaction of having won an otherwise challenging online game. If you want to experience the ultimate tower defence type of game, Gemcraft Labyrinth is definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat for many fun rounds of play.


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New Version 1.85c has been Released. Thank you for using Download Mage.

What's New on Level 1.85c - February 24th, 2002
Added Several New Menu Commands
- 'Open when Done' on the Download Menu (List View)
- 'Start Downloading' on the Taskbar Menu
- 'Include All' on the Download Caster Context Menu
Some Minor Improvements

What's New on Level 1.85c - January 29th, 2002
New 'Stop' Option Added to Download Timer.
- Use when you want to stop downloading at a certain time.
New 'Minimum Segment Size' Option on Preferences->Download Tab.
- Decreasing this value means more segmented downloads.
Now The 'Start/Resume' Command of Dialog View/Sticky Note can also be Used Repeatedly to Increase Connections for Active Downloads.
Restored Netscape 4.x Support.
Restored Taskbar Icon Behavior.
- A single-click will open the bandwidth limit dialog.
The MRUD List of Download Caster No More Displays Duplicate Items.
- MRUD: Most recently used directories.
Tree Pane Size is Now Retained between Sessions.

What's New on Level 1.85 - January 10th, 2002
Added Cookie Support
- Supports cookie enabled sites such as, etc.
Built-In Improved Netscape/Opera Browser Plugin
- Supports latest versions of Netscape/Opera
- Go to Preferences->Setup to install
Improved Directory History Management
- Manages recently used directories for each file extension
'Initiating Download' Dialog Got New Look
Column Settings of List-View are Now Retained between Sessions
Windows XP Visual Style Support
Some Minor Internal Improvements


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